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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson singing Barbie Girl. Never gets old.

i forgot how funny this was omg

louis sounded so american during the chorus omfg

these pics were taken within minutes of eachother

i have rock hard calve muscles and if anyone tries to fight me i will put them in a choke hold with my rock hard calves
who the fuck ate a damn bar of soap this is disgusting

who the fuck ate a damn bar of soap this is disgusting

1. had sex? nope
2. bought condoms? no
3. gotten pregnant? ive never even had sex so no
5. kissed a boy? yess
6. kissed a girl? naa



a magician asks you to pick a card - any card, in fact. you do. they ask you to put the card back in the pack - anywhere in the pack, in fact. you do. they walk away. ten years later, your wife gives birth to the six of clubs. “is this your card?” the midwife asks, in a familiar voice.

what the fuck

15 35 44

15. drank alcohol? yas bitch

35. been to a concert? i was at one last night lmfao

44. met someone famous? yeah myself

send me numbers 1-50 for have you ever

some fun in the meantime
1. had sex?
2. bought condoms?
3. gotten pregnant?
4. failed a class?
5. kissed a boy?
6. kissed a girl?
7. had a job?
8. left the house without my wallet?
9. bullied someone on the internet?
10. sexted?
11. had sex in public?
12. smoked weed?
13. smoked cigarettes?
14. smoked a cigar?
15. drank alcohol?
16. been to a wedding?
17. been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
18. watched tv for 5 hours straight?
19. been late for school?
20. kissed in the rain?
21. showered with someone else?
22. been outside my home country?
23. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours?
24. had lice?
25. gotten my heart broken?
26. had a credit card?
27. been to a professional sports game?
28. broken a bone?
29. been unhappy about my weight?
30. won a trophy?
31. cut myself?
32. been on a diet?
33. rode in a taxi?
34. stayed up for 24 hours or more?
35. been to a concert?
36. had a crush on someone of the same sex?
37. had braces?
38. wore make up?
39. lost my virginity before I was 16?
40. kissed someone a different race than myself?
41. Snuck out of the house?
42. had oral sex?
43. dyed my hair?
44. met someone famous?
45. been on vacation?
46. been on a boat?
47. been on an airplane?
48. prank called someone?
49. taken a pregnancy test?
50. been suspended from school?
Please, have at me.

lol i was being harassed on kik so i deactivated it but if you guys wanna still talk to me i have a phone number and snapchat or instagram or idk


if you ever think my shorts are “too short” i want you to consider the following

  • they are called “shorts”
  • i look great

pierre lays down the law


pierre lays down the law


when ur confused pokemon do the move anyway



touching yourself after a long vacation


im jillian and im the nacho queen